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Wet Farts Vol.2


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Published: 12/01/2016 Rating:
Category: Fart Fetish Scat Smearing Duration: 00:22:03 Clip Format: HDV
ID : 8763
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Mp41847.07 Mb.22.99 EUR

Wet Farts lover asked me for more videos:)

Custom request:

“So, I need a video where you are in doggy style (your ass up and your head down) ; you have anal gaping with dildo and loud farting with shit farts. All video in doggy. The loud farts gape is very important. You can sometimes spread your ass gape, farting so much …etc.For the farting, if you are in doggy position, your gaping asshole will naturally sucking the air when you relax, and you could pushing the air out for big farts ^^. ”

P.S.I shoot the video after video with smearing,so I covered by shit:)