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The Party is Over Room-Mate!

The Party is Over Room-Mate!


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Published: 09/07/2016 Rating:
Category: Scat Duration: 00:15:29 Clip Format: HDV
ID : 8590
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Avi559.18 Mb.13.99 EUR

I come in from a night out wearing a sexy dress and underneath your wearing sexy lingerie, black thong with black stockings. My room mate is not sleeping so i tell him : “I know we have been flat mates for a few months but I know your secret. You have been sneaking into my room and smelling my dirty panties”. I come close to the camera and hold up a dirty white thong showing light poop stains, he become so horny, i know he loves it so i strip out and i m going to shit for him. I spread the asshole in front of him and i shit, i put him to smell my ass and i wink at him with my dirty asshole, he will never use aftershave after this, he will use just my shit smell. I wipe my asshole with toilet paper and i start counting down from 10, he will cum on my shit pile. Enjoy!