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Scary Movie Made me shit in my shorts

Scary Movie Made me shit in my shorts


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Published: 01/07/2017 Rating:
Category: Panty Poop Scat Scat Smearing Duration: 00:17:20 Clip Format: HDV
ID : 8830
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Mp41967.44 Mb.19.99 EUR

[Custom request]:

“My idea was similar to the last one.

it was to have you and me watching a horror film(there doesn’t actually have to be a film on in it)

then something scares me into having an accident. you pause the film and ask what the smell is. when i tell you i peed and pooped my pants because something scared me you start making fun of me for a few minutes for pooping myself in front of you. then you say ok we’ll go back to watching the film. as the film goes on it gets scarier and you start peeing and pooping your pants. like maybe you scream because of something scary and as you do pee and poop comes out. then after you’ve completly wet and messed yourself you can do whatever you like to end the video.

also i’d like you to wear either those white shorts ”

I play a lil with my pussy,ass fingering and looooong SMEEEEARING! ????