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Panty Pooping in Restrained Desperation

Panty Pooping in Restrained Desperation


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Published: 12/25/2016 Rating:
Category: Panty Poop Desperation Masturbation Duration: 00:14:47 Clip Format: HDV
ID : 8829
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Mp4400.69 Mb.15.99 EUR

Another toilet slave is handcuffed and chained to the brick wall by another padlocked chain around her neck. Upon first look, it is unclear for how long she has been in 'Restrained Desperation', but soon Master walks in to find her in dirty panties, which is of course the reason she is there to begin with. Inspecting her, he likes his slaves dirty, shit smelling and piss wet like the strong musky earth, he finds her ripe and intoxicating but not really the way he wants it. Master puts her through the test anyway. He shoves her on her knees, penetrates her mouth with his big, brown cock and rides her tongue. Before long he wants to inspect them dirty panties. Master wants that dirty asshole tight around his cock, turns her around, bender her over and dips his rod in the shit stained slave. He decides she isn't quite ripe enough, leaves her restrained for several more hours before he checks her again for another round of filthy debauchery. How do you like your dirty slaves?