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Hard turds after work

Hard turds after work


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Published: 09/16/2016 Rating:
Category: Scat Masturbation Scat Smearing Duration: 00:16:37 Clip Format: HDV
ID : 8619
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Script: You just got home from work and have been holding back a huge turd all day. The workday seemed to take forever as you have been thinking about this evening’s poop session all day. Your heart races with excitement knowing that your big solid turd is about to finally come out and it will be time for some dirty fun. You are wearing a business-casual skirt and blouse with pantyhose and bikini-cut panties and high heels and of course your glasses. Tonight you are going to go with your favorite position to poop in, laying on the floor on your stomach with your legs together. You can’t wait to feel your long solid log slide straight up and out of your ass, sliding along your thighs as it snakes out. You start to take off your heels and a little fart slips out. You can start to feel your log begin to move, once again trying to get out as it has been trying to do all day. It’s time to get naked! You giggle as you take off your blouse and bra, then your skirt, your pantyhose, and then your panties. The smell of a healthy solid log fills your nostrils as you breathe in another pre-poop fart and smile in anticipation. You can feel your poop start to move as you lay on your stomach on the floor, your legs together tightly as you begin to push a bit to get the log moving. Your body begins to take over and your butthole opens up. The log crackles as it slides straight up and out of your ass. Your legs are still tightly together as it falls down and begins to slide along your thighs as it continues to snake out of your butt. You grunt as you take breaths and push the rest of the turd out. Oh wow that felt so good! You reach back and feel the hard log and slowly separate your legs, allowing the turd to slide down through your thighs onto the floor. You then take the entire log and form it into a poopball with your hands. You take the poopball and break it in half, deeply inhaling the steamy poop scent. Next, you lay back onto your belly and take your poop-filled left hand and begin to smear your poop all over your left buttcheek, then do the same with your right hand, covering your right buttcheek with poop as well. You sit up, still with plenty of poop in each hand, and smear it all over your boobs, completely covering them. You continue to smear it all over your belly and thighs, taking care to not get any on your pussy. You are sopping wet with excitement, and ready to climax covered in poop! You take your stand-up dildo and place it on the floor below you and lower yourself onto it and begin to masturbate until you finally climax in a wonderful rush of orgasm!