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Haircolor:Chestnut Brown
Sexual orientation:Bisexual

Hello and Welcome to my Shop. (:

We are a young couple who discovered the fun and the love of having dirty sexy time.
He loves my ass, and what is coming out of it and i love to make him cum with my juicy filling.
Filming it and putting it online is just the icing on the cake.

We will improve our quality from time to time, but for sure the most important thing is the fun and the pleasure we have to each other when we are playing our little games.
We got a GoPro with a 170 degrees sight so its just a lot more fun to watch us!

On this shop u will see solo videos of me, couple videos and compilations. All are including poop and some of them pee,too.
We are new here so please dont be shy to write me a private message if u have any suggestion or question. (:

I try to answer your questions and custom requests as fast as possible!
But please remember if u are coming from the U.S.: Im coming from European and there are different time zones!
For example: If u are writing me a private message from the U.S. at 8:00 PM in Europe its 2:00 AM! At this time im normally sleeping!

Wanna buy on Scatshop or Yezzclips? No Problem!!!
If u wanna stay updated visit my Twitter!!!
Also i upload free Videos on eroprofile!!!
And now sit down, lean back and enjoy our videos we made just for you.


Lots of Love,



!Please note!
We do not vomiting videos or eating from each other Poop!!!
We do not diarrhea videos cause diarrhea means something is wrong with your body!!!
We will not show our face or voice! Its a matter of privacy, please respect that!!!