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Kaviar Videos
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What is Kaviarvideos?

At Kaviarvideos you can watch videos or upload and sell your private videos. A part of the profits will be distributed to the webmaster, the platform licensee and the payment provider. 

What is necessary for Kaviarvideos?
An usual Internetbrowser as e.g. Firefox 2.x, Opera 9.x, Internet Explorer 6 or higher. As well you need the current Adobe Flash Player as of version 9.0.115 You can Download Adobe Flash Player here for free.

How do I rate a video?
Just click on the stars next to the video. If you drag your mouse over the stars the number of filled stars changes. The more stars are filled, the higher is your rating. or use the like buttons.

How can I watch videos?
Just click on the scheme picture of the video to start playing. Or click on the topic above the video. If you click on the user name beneath the video more information and additional videos of this user will be displayed. 

Can I download the videos?
Yes you can. 

How do I search for videos?
Search for rated videos by key words e.g. scat, poo, sex toilet etc. 

I want to sell videos more info